Veterinary Quality Improvement Training and Consulting.

Why VetQIT?

At VetQIT we help veterinary businesses realise the full potential of Quality Improvement.

QI is an evidence based framework for providing outstanding levels of client service and patient care - using our research insights and experience we guide organisations, train teams and build success in QI.

Evidence-based Framework

Who is VetQIT for?

Practice Culture

Focussing on culture is a valuable activity – helping to foster business resilience and success. Are you looking to understand more about this emerging topic?

Staff Engagement

Are you keen to boost the engagement of employees? 

Client Satisfaction

Your clients are already happy with your service, but are you keen to exceed their expectations?

At the Cutting Edge of Veterinary Health

Are you interested in healthcare innovations that can drive productivity and staff retention?

QI is a system for improving operational effectiveness in veterinary healthcare – we offer training solutions so that your organisation can benefit. Learn more.

What We Do

Healthcare research has shown how QI not only drives safety and reliability, but reduces waste, improves client satisfaction and builds staff engagement. At VetQIT, we have created VETQITp – The Veterinary Quality Improvement Training program – a modular, evidence-based QI training course delivered by veterinary professionals. The aim of VETQITp is to introduce teams to the theory and practice of QI, to augment your business goals. Our training program shows veterinary staff how to integrate QI into their practice. To:

Our Courses

We offer training in-house, or remotely. There are two versions of our training program:



VETQITp1 has been created to introduce your teams to the core QI skills and competencies.



VETQITp2 is an expanded QI course for leaders – helping them to deliver demonstrable change .

Want to Learn More?

We are committed to helping organisations in the veterinary industry benefit from Veterinary Quality Improvement, for business success.

Please contact VetQIT to discuss your requirements.